Yoga & Wellness Workshops 2019

Yoga Workshops in Spain and Greece

Yoga Therapy & Healing 17 - 21 April 2019

Includes: course, accommodation, breakfast & lunch)

Location: Cervera del Maestre, Valencia, Spain

Arrival: 16 April / Departure 22 April

Schedule: 9am - 12 & 4 - 7pm


This Five day Healing course is designed as a fast track to healing ourselves and others through direct experience and understanding of the fundamental issues of health, disease and healing.

The journey of healing recognises the importance of all parts and their interrelationships. This cohesion and understanding includes not only all parts of the physical organism but also it’s relationship with the human psyche and the subtle energy system.

This synthesis of practice and theory from Yoga, Chinese Medicine, Meditation and Nutrition provides profound understanding of our own health issues and life challenges as well as excellent practical tools for recuperating from sickness and disease, including chronic and degenerative disease. For more info contact: Teacher: Gerry Rixen. Register now

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Yoga & Shiatsu

29 Sep. - 19 October 2019

(Includes: course, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner) Location: Spain - Cervera del Maestre, Valencia

Arrival 28 September / Departure 26 October

Schedule: 9:00 - 1pm & 3 - 7pm


This course teaches therapeutic Yoga as well as Shiatsu whole body treatment in prone, supine and lateral positions (front, back & side).

The course also teaches the Chakras, the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine, the Meridians as well as the most important Acupuncture points.

Teacher: Gerry Rixen

See full syllabus:

For more informations, please send an e-mail to :

Yoga Holiday 8 - 15 September 2019

(Includes: course, accommodation, breakfast)

Location: Skoutari Beach Hotel; Skoutari, Peloponnese, Greece

Arrival 8 September / Departure 15 September

Schedule: 9:00 - 12:00


This Yoga holiday teaches 3 hours of Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Relaxation every morning, on the beautiful beaches of Skoutari. Afternoons and evenings are free to enjoy this fantastic part of Greece. The course includes hiking as well as excursions to nearby monasteries, ancient villages and breathtaking mountains.

Teacher: Anna Leslie / Gerry Rixen

For more info on course, travel arrangements, airport transfer and hotel please send us an email at or register now.

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Yoga & Astrology

15 - 19 September 2019

(Includes: course, accommodation, breakfast, lunch)

Location: Greece: Skoutari, Peloponnese

Arrival 15 September / Departure 22 September

Schedule: 9:00 - 12:00 & 4 - 7pm

Yoga & Astrology 15 - 22 September 2019

750 €

This five day course plus 1 free day has been designed by Gerry Rixen as a fast track to understanding the fundamental principles of Yoga and Astrology as well as providing practical tools for working with specific chakras, organs and psychological issues. The morning yoga practice teaches asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation. The afternoon’s are dedicated to the theory on chakras and their link with the planets and the zodiac. Each student’s individual natal chart will be discussed as well as ways of working through life’s challenges with Yoga.

Teacher: Gerry Rixen See full syllabus:

These workshops provide practical guides, life enhancing information and tools that can be applied in daily life. They are empowering and inspiring.

Open to anyone with an interest in Yoga, Healing and Wellness, they are de-signed to offer experiences outside the usual yoga class and are held in beautiful locations in Greece and Spain.

There is time to understand and integrate another level of vision and delve more deeply into such subjects as improving one’s health, the nature of the chakras, Shiatsu and hands-on healing, the link between Yoga and Astrology and simple Yoga and Hiking holidays.