Yoga Therapy & Healing workshop

spain 17 - 21 April 2019

Yoga Therapy and Healing

This Five day Healing course is designed as a fast track to healing ourselves and others through direct experience and understanding of the fundamental issues of health, disease and healing.

The journey of healing recognises the importance of all parts and their interrelationships. This cohesion and understanding includes not only all parts of the physical organism but also it’s relationship with the human psyche and the subtle energy system.

This synthesis of practice and theory from Yoga, Chinese Medicine, Meditation and Nutrition provides profound understanding of our own health issues and life challenges as well as excellent practical tools for recuperating from sickness and disease, including chronic and degenerative disease. For more info contact: Teacher: Gerry Rixen. Register now



The yoga therapy and healing workshop includes: course, accommodation, breakfast & lunch)

Location: Cervera del Maestre, Valencia, Spain

Arrival: 16 April / Departure 22 April

Schedule: 9am - 12 & 4 - 7pm