What is Vital Energy, Karma, Prana or QI

Any energy must have a source. The fundamental notion of source or origin of everything in both physical and non-physical realms is sometimes called God or the First Cause. It is the ultimate source beyond and at the beginning of all other sources of creation.

The Big Bang is often viewed as the only origin we can go back to where everything was created in a gigantic explosion. Both matter and consciousness contained in the cosmic egg expanded at phenomenal speed creating the universe known to us.

But it is the void that existed before time and space and the Big Bang and which produced the cosmic egg in the first place that we need to look at. This is the quantum void of infinite probabilities and possibilities which through an impulse incomprehensible to us but is consciousness itself decides to manifest itself in all the myriad possibilities we see reflected in the seen and the unseen. The phenomenal world and the purely energetic , informational un-manifested.

Energy is vital for the content of consciousness to be communicated. Informational blueprints vibrate and resonate in all manner of frequencies slowly establishing themselves in the various hierarchical realms until they get to the most dense, the physical where its organising properties quickly established what we call life on earth. This means the original source or divine principle divides into archetypes, the platonic forms. There is no fundamental difference between the ancient Greek philosophy, Platonism and Neo-Platonism, and Hinduism or Buddhism.

Therefore energy cannot be separated from spirit. All physical phenomena are energetic. Digestive, circulatory or hormonal system are all influenced by mind and emotions. Thinking and praying produce energetic frequencies containing information. The information is perceived passively or actively, consciously or sub-consciously integrated into the body-mind and aura.

Information or its energetic blueprints contain a binary code which allows for coherence and correspondence. That means the information is fundamentally functional and carries meaning but manifests differently on different levels of existence, as above so below, and contains the fundamental polarity necessary for action and growth on each level on which it is active.

Organising principles, coherence and correspondence are directly linked to spirit and consciousness and do not have totally separate existences.

Polarity is the fundamental law of a dynamic universe. Everything divides into male / female; hot - cold; dry - moist etc. Any initiating or affirming impulse must get to a corresponding receiving or enveloping energy. A thing or phenomenon can only be completely understood by knowing its opposite. And that is why there is good and evil. So we can understand the difference and exercise free will. Otherwise we would be clones.

Energy is constantly moving, nothing rests. "Panda Rei" or Everything Changes, Heraclitus' (Greek philosopher 600 BCE) famous realization implies impermanence as the fundamental law of existence. And movement implies vibration. Understanding and tuning into a movement's vibration means becoming sensitive and intuitive to that movement's signature.

Great movements are subdivided into smaller and smaller movements known as cycles, waves, tides and seasons. These have to be understood as both individual rhythms and how they operate to form a greater orchestra. Just the physical body is a universe onto itself. The body's rhythms are vital to keeping healthy. Breathing, heart rate, digestion, hormonal functioning, sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous system and sleep, all have their own specific rhythm integrated and co-ordinated to function coherently as a larger organism..

Energy, not being static produces effects which by their very nature of manifesting themselves also manifest their cause. Every action has its reaction. Understanding the cause or multiple causes behind the apparent manifestations helps living more consciously as we become more aware that destiny is shaped by our own application of free will. We reap what we sow. It doesn't mean we can control everything; accepting and understanding that causation is multi-layered and maybe ultimately beyond human intellectual comprehension is another way of tuning into the great cosmic laboratory.

Energy gives rise to expression and form. Love existing in the field of both emotion and spirit gives rise to selfless human (and animal) action whereas beauty is expressed directly in the physical manifestation of the universe. Great beauty reminds us of something, that in fact the world is beautiful. This touches heart and soul keeping us connected to the ultimate source of love and beauty.

The vibrational universe is an enchanted universe with life teeming on all levels of existence. Prana or "The Informational Spiritual Life Force" is the energetic thread which permeates all of creation.

By © Gerry Rixen

written on 2013