The Nature of Cause and Effect

Karma is the Sanscrit word for action and reaction, or to us cause and effect which governs destiny and fate.

Any analysis of a given situation whether personal, social, economic or political will try to rationalize the causes which have produced the given effect. And the more complex the situation or problem the more difficult it is to discern the underlying cause or perhaps multiple causes. Not only that, the various causes may exist on various levels and may be open to widely differing interpretations.

Illness and disease is a case in point as stress factors, psychological blockages and defence mechanisms, lifestyle, diet and relationships all have to be taken into consideration.

However there is always the concept of a primal cause or origin, the idea of a starting point, creating movement in a particular direction.

Then there's the fact that multiple, seemingly unrelated factors converge to produce a specific result. So somebody may get sick or even seriously ill due to various factors including stress at work, problems in the relationship or lack of it, bad diet and digestion, lack of exercise etc which will cause the physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies to show signs and symptoms which indicate a lack of coherence.

The various human organisms need to function at optimal coherence to produce optimal health. All the various functions produce the one, human individual, and all the levels of human functioning must be taken into consideration.

So the nature of or relationship between cause and effect makes us think, analyse and contemplate our actions and their possible reactions. This in turn leads to a higher state of awareness. If this is not the case bad habits or mistakes are often repeated until the individual finally becomes aware of the link between a given situation and and his /her own contribution towards its cause. Blaming others will no longer suffice! The individual's own role in shaping himself and the world around him becomes obvious and the fact that he/she exercises free will regarding his own destiny starts to dawn on him/her.

The physical body and character with it's talents and difficulties are all part of our innate nature. We are not born as white sheets of paper for our parents, educators and the environment to inscribe a random story. A 2-fold process of how the innate individual's nature is nurtured and how it reacts and develops is the process of growing up.

Understanding Karma means working towards a better understanding of ourselves and changing and adjusting in a positive way and through our own effort, creating a more meaningful and therefore more fulfilled life. It is possible to transcend the narrow and limited self, simply no longer accepting to live in our own shadow but to step forward into the light of our own illuminated light body deeply feeling the connection with the divine life force.

Any kind of therapy is a way of working on and therefore improving ourselves. Diet, exercise and relaxation are essential to well-being. Recognizing negative emotions such as anger and how they are fuelled or fed by thought processes is another dimension and just as important.

But real spiritual progress can only be made by opening the heart. Forgiveness is not just a mental process but must be worked on, felt and applied. Expiation and atonement are fundamental steps towards redemption. But forgiveness is also about forgiving and loving ourselves and therefore learning to value who we are and developing a healthy sense of self-esteem. Only then can intuition flow freely and we can follow it confidently as a guiding beacon.

In this way, who we are, our past karma, can be transcended, even transmuted as the past can be healed and is therefore no longer relevant. The present becomes the creative motor uniting past, present and future. Anything done with good intention frees us from negative spiritual karma even if the result is difficult or unpleasant on the physical plane.

By uniting the intelligence of heart and head the nature of cause and effect may be comprehended at a deeper level. Contemplation is the key to higher awareness.

However life is complex. Even the most saintly fall ill or may become the victim of an assassin's bullet.

Although we are ultimately the architects and masons of our own destiny certain events in life may be fated.

Fate is a karma that cannot be avoided. It has to be lived, experienced and dealt with to be exhausted. Even if it were possible to avoid or dodge, it would catch up with the individual at a later stage.

The impossibility of running away from fate is the great theme of Greek tragedies. These events may come into a person's life at any time and have their cause in the individual's long history of rebirths. But by experiencing, witnessing, accepting and living through it this old karma too will be burnt and the flame extinguished so that on his deathbed the person can truly look back at a life well lived; no matter the pain which was only a temporary purging.

Cause and effect are fundamental principles of esoteric science. The idea of random movement devoid of meaning implies a meaningless universe. Spiritual philosophy holds that the universe is not merely functional but that love and beauty are part of it. In fact it is these fundamental principles which inspire it. "Love is the architect of the universe" (Hesiod)

The unseen and spirit world is far greater than the physical universe and is ultimately governed by moral principles. To understand this we need more than a process of rational investigation. It involves the irrational and mystical dimension as well as an opening of heart and mind. Experience in real life is in-dispensable. Those who have very limited experiences rarely have deep interior realisations. That is why many people of high rank in religious orders or many therapists and teachers often show a great discrepancy between what they preach and teach and true life experience. It remains book knowledge or what they heard from their master. They teach the teachings without having paid the price.

Transcendence cannot be achieved by reading a book. It may inspire and inform, giving us food for thought. Suffering and reading about suffering is not the same thing. And so it is with everything else, meditation, exercise, climbing a mountain or experiencing great joy in profound connection with the divine principle flowing into one's aura.

That love and light are more fundamental than the flesh can be experienced in and through the physical body. There's no need negating the flesh; after all it's our nature and vehicle. But feeling vital energy surging through the body is not an intellectual experience. It is as real as climbing a mountain, dancing or making love (tantra) and can be witnessed while engaged in these activities or any others.

What the great masters have taught is more profoundly real than anything else. And it is attainable now more easily than at any time in recent history. Some effort and a good guide are necessary.

Exercising free will and taking responsibility for our actions in the experimental dimension of time and space where cause and effect flows from the divine logos, supplies both the grounding and sharpens the spirit.

Energetic disciplines, be they Yoga or any other physical, moral and spiritual discipline will have the same result if the disciple has enough motivation and discernment to tread the path and there is a true desire to taste the magic for himself. Guide or master will manifest sooner or later.

The universe is truly enchanted and stripped of it's magic only if the human mind contemplating it is devoid of imagination and cut off from the divine energy flowing through him/her. A faulty radio cannot be expected to pick up on the finer frequencies. Denial is no measure of truth.

It is by hauling the spirit out of the dungeon and paying homage to its divine origin that health is also regained.

By © Gerry Rixen

written on 2013