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Yoga Teacher Training Spain

Begin your professional journey as a qualified yoga teacher and / or therapist with SYM.


SYM offers Professional 200 and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses. All courses are certified by Yoga Alliance International. Upon graduation our graduates are certified to teach anywhere in the world

SYM Is registered in the UK and has been successfully running certified training courses and retreats in Yoga, Shiatsu, Oriental Medicine, Meditation and Healing since 1997. SYM offers 4 yoga teacher training programs annually. What makes these programs unique is Gerry Rixen’s 30 year experience as teacher and therapist which informs his courses.

YM is a recognised member school of Yoga Alliance Intentional (YAI), the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and the International Yoga Federation (IYF).

To this end, SYM provides training of the highest possible standard, by a team of dedicated and skilled professionals. The team bring their many years of experience and exceptional skills into the program. Course groups are kept intentionally small with an emphasis on individual growth and development. All the courses take place in beautiful locations that feed the soul, nurture the body and stimulate ongoing curiosity and learning.

Yoga Teacher Training Program Spain

The profound understanding of health, energy, psychology, mindfulness, meditation, postures and nutrition taught here allow for a deeper understanding of Yoga, a higher level of teaching as well as for a life changing experience.

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Yoga is the science of self evolution and wholeness; it is the quest of aligning with our higher nature. Regular practice develops our body and subtle energy systems that promote greater awareness, wellbeing and health. The practice of yoga is therefore fundamentally therapeutic. Yoga Therapy focuses on the therapeutic aspects of yoga to facilitate healing; working with the physical aspects of the body as well as dealing with mental and emotional factors through meditation, deep relaxation, restorative poses, Pranayama (breathing exercises) and chanting. Yoga is both preventive and curative as it has a profound healing effect on body, mind and soul, restoring balance and harmony to our lives. Book your Yoga Teacher Training Spain now.

Make your dream come true and become a yoga teacher.

The Hatha Yoga taught at SYM focuses on Asana practice, based on the Iyengar and Sivananda Yoga methods, with a focus on flow, steadiness and relaxation. Asana practice includes the exploration of the Chakras and the Chinese acupuncture meridians.

All yoga teacher courses include Pranayama, Restorative or Therapeutic Asana, Relaxation (Savasana), Meditation, Nutrition, Yoga Philosophy and Psychology, Bodywork and chakra Balancing.

SYM also offer a combined, professional and certified Yoga Teacher and Shiatsu Therapy Training.

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